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Monday, 7 December 2015

Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Dec 1st to Dec 7th

The prevention, detection and response to cyber security in 2016 will view a sea of changes, says a new report from Forrester Research. According to Forrester, the five cybersecurity predictions and resulting actions to be taken in 2016 are as follows: In this disruptive technologies era, were wearables and IoT is expected to be more prevalent, the security and risk professionals should focus and reexamine the existing security functions in through a new angle. They should consider the human factor also while addressing the security threats. The second prediction is on Governments security capabilities. The research firm has given a bleak assessment of the security capabilities of US government, which is short staffed, under-budgeted and lacking internal discipline. The third prediction was about the expected increase of security and risk spending by 5 to 10 % in 2016. Fourth comes the defense contractors’ prospective entry to private industry with claims regarding ‘Military grade’ security. However, Forrester warns private players to thoroughly watch the commercial experience and their commitment before acquiring them. The fifth prediction covers the HR department that they will bring in identity and credit protection and resolution services as an employee benefit, in this era of increasing fraud, identity theft, medical identity theft and damage to personal online reputation. Read More:

As the holiday season is coming up, the cyber security researchers in the US warns about a malware, ModPOS, which is largely undetectable by current antivirus scans. The firm also points that the malware has infected even some of the national retailers. According to the researchers, it is one of the most sophisticated point-of-sale malware with a complex framework which is capable of collecting a lot of detailed information about a company, including payment information and personal log-in credentials of executives. To address the threat, the companies need to use more advanced forms of encryption to protect consumer data. Point-to-point encryption where a consumer’s payment card data is unlocked only after it reaches the payment processor is one such effective method to combat the malware threat. Security experts warn that without such protections, even new credit cards with a chip technology known as EMV could still be compromised by infected point-of-sale systems. Read More:

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