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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

6 Ways Your Website Navigation Can Better Convert Visitors into Customers

Even a minor change brings a big difference. And your website navigation is a great example.  There is a big difference between good and bad navigation. Users can struggle while browsing your website, but they cannot identify it. Only developer can detect. The structure and labels of your website navigation carry a huge impact on results.

Find why.
  •     Website navigation affects visitors’ experience to your website
  •     It affects traffic: how much traffic you will get or how high you will rank
  •     It validates how user-friendly the site is
  •     It affects conversions: what number of visitors convert into leads and customers
In order to develop a good navigation site, we need to reach new levels of interaction with our audience.
Be descriptive. Add descriptive key phrases or labels in your navigation. They are good for search engines.

Find how.
  • In every site, the navigation bar is supreme to show relevance to search engines. Since it is available on every page, descriptive label is a good way to impress the search engines.
  • Descriptive labels in a navigation bar are good for visitors, as it (navigation bar) appears on every page and is a key place to communicate directly. When you list your main services or products on the navigation bar, it will be easily understandable at a glance.Visitors will realize that they’re in the right place.
  • It also advisable to avoid adding labels like ‘solutions’ and ‘services.’Besides, don’t have one page listing all of your services. It will never rank.
Say ‘No’ to Format-Based Navigation
  • “Photos”and “videos,” are format-based navigation labels. They tell visitors only the format of the content, not the topic. A site with descriptive navigation is easier to use than the format-based navigation.
  • Bear in mind, visitors don’t go to a website in search of photos or videos. They visit a site to seek information and answers.
Say ‘Yes’ to Mobile-Friendly site
  • Competition is becoming tougher to make service easier.
  • Statics website is no longer the wave of your business. It is being replaced by mobile-friendly responsive design. Google also dumps sites without certain mobile-friendly features.
  • A mobile-friendly site is a way to simplify visitor’s experience on our site. Make your website easy and engaging to navigate on a mobile device.
 Avoid drop down menus
  • Popular, right?But not a good idea.There are two basic reasons to avoid using drop down menus.
  • Engines friendly: Drop down menus lead to arise problems for search engines to crawl, depending on how they’re programmed.
  • Visitors friendly: Drop down menus is annoying. Users are believed to move their eyes faster than their mouse. Such menu discourages visitors to skip some important pages.
  • However, one type of drop down menu performs well. If you have to show mega services, then it makes that moment of friction worth it.
  • A big site with a good number of pages and a wide range of products or services should have a mega menu.
Reduce the Number of Direct Navigation Links

You can probably come across with some websites that have a navigation that resembles a laundry list with 10 or more discrete items. It keeps users confused and hampers logical navigation. It also affects visitors flow and finally leads to reduce conversion rates.

We strongly recommended including the most important or most heavily trafficked pages. You can opt for dropdown menus or other navigation structures insteadfor less mission-critical links.

If you are looking out to revamp your existing website and make more user-friendly or want to develop a new navigation website, feel free to contact Digital Obsession. We can help you with customized website according to your needs. Our services include web development, web design, SEO, social media marketing and much more. With 24 years of cumulative experience, we can increase relevant traffic on your website.


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