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Saturday, 26 April 2014

FUE Hair Transplantation in India

Welcome to Regain Hair Restoration Services…

We CARE for your HAIR!!! REGAIN constitutes a group of highly trained and skilled professionals in the field of hair restoration who are dedicated in educating our patients by providing information, advice, support and the Best Hair Treatment services to all its clients.

It is in fact true that the perception of beauty comes naturally and is best achieved by one who can craft it to perfection. REGAIN helps in restoring the ideal look in every individual and boosts the level of confidence as well.


Our most advanced and modern technique eliminates the use of scalpels. The procedure is absolutely painless without any cuts and therefore there are no scars.

Hair Transplantation in India over the years has been a prudent practice as it has proved to yield excellent results. We at REGAIN are performing the FUE technique also called as FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION technique of hair transplantation. Here individual hair follicles are very carefully harvested one by one. Later each hair follicle is loaded into an implanter and placed in the desired area according to the specific hairline pattern for every individual.

The creation of “FEEL GOOD FACTOR” within every individual has lead to a phenomenal increase in people opting for hair transplantation today. With this in view we provide the best quality Best Hair Transplant in India at affordable cost.


·         No cuts, No stitches, No scars and is Painless.
·         Modern pneumatic extraction equipment provides high quality follicular units or grafts.
·         During implantation, the implanters can be placed in desired directions and facilitates the hair to grow in a pattern that corresponds to the natural hairline design. This is a single step technique. There are No Holes, No Slits employed during implantation.
·         These implanters are completely disposable and are used only for one client itself. The implanters are periodically changed every 10-15 grafts which help in easier insertion in the recipient site.
·         By creating your own treatment plan it forms a good means of obtaining cost effective hair transplantation service at our centre.

Dr.K.Prapanna Arya is a Cosmetic and Faciomaxillary Surgeon. He is the Founder and Director of Regain Hair Restoration Services. His area of Expertise is Facial Aesthetics and specializes in Facial Cosmetic procedures as well. He is also an active member of Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of India.

Contact Us :

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St. Thomas Post, Kammanahalli Main Road,
Contact Number : +91-8050087953
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