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Friday, 7 August 2015

Pre Website On-Page Optimization Analysis

In the SEO process pre optimization site review and analysis is very much important. In case of on-page optimization some permanent change in the web pages is required. To make the website suitable for crawler and visitors’ friendly on-page optimization is necessary. When there are several permanent changes are concerned, before starting the on-page documentation and implementation we must analyse the structure of a website and generate a review report with keeping aside a total site backup.

On-page optimization process should follow the site analysis report. In analysis process you have to understand the entire website structure and have to documented these following issues (if exists) in the review report.

Points to be considered to understand website structure and nature

•    Canonical Issues
•    Non-optimized URLs
•    On-page Sitemap
•    XML Sitemap
•    Page Navigation System (menu, side bar, bread crumb)
•    Broken Links
•    Duplicate Pages
•    Duplicate Content
•    Robots.txt file
•    Code to Text Ratio
•    Average Page Loading Time
•    Template Suggestion
•    Cross Browser Compatibility Test
•    Orphan Pages
•    Splash Page Suggestion
•    Back Link Analysis
•    Keyword Analysis

A website structure generally depends on these above mentioned points. To understand a site structure, we need help of good SEO tools. Screaming Frog is a very authentic tool for website analysis and SEO backup.