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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization-This is the method of making sure that your website gets lots of traffic and enables your company to be listed higher in the search engines for specific key words and phrases i.e. Web designing company,Web design,Web development company  etc.

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that is promoting the website on search engines and ensuring to get relevant traffic & site rankings in major search engines – Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Stand For?

White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
Grey Hat SEO
Keywords Ranking
How Search Engines work
Website Link Structure
Content Writing

Website Analysis & SEO

Back links
Competitor Analysis
Ethics in SEO
Finding Appropriate Keywords
Initial Site Analysis
Keyword Density Analysis
Keyword Research
Meta Tag Analysis
Planning the SEO Process
Search Engine Indexing
SEO Factors
SEO Statistics
Site Audit/Health Check
SWOT Analysis of Website
Target Segmentation

On Page Optimization

Meta Tags Optimization (Title,Description, Keyword)
ALT Tag Optimization
Anchor Text
Canonical / 404 Implementation
Google Sitemap (xml sitemap)
Heading Tag
HTML Code Optimization
Html Sitemap
HTML Validations
Internal Links
Robots.txt Optimization
Google Analytic
Google Webmaster
ROR Sitemap
URL Renaming/re-writing
Web Content Optimization
Website Design & Link Structure
Yahoo Sitemap

Off Page Optimization

Article Submission
Article Writing
Blog Commenting
Blog Creation & Optimization
Blog Submission
Classified Ad Submission
Directory Submission
Forum Posting
Google Maps / Places Listing
Natural Link Building
One Way Link Building
Press Releases Submission
Reciprocal Link Building
RSS Feeds
Search Engine Submission
Social Bookmarking
Social Media Optimization
Triangular Link Building
Video Optimization
Yahoo Feed Submission
Yahoo! Answers

Reporting & Analysis Tools

Alexa Toolbar
Google Analytic
Google Webmaster Tools
Monthly Activity Reports
SEO Rank Checker
Statcounter Code

How to make websites Search Engine Friendly?

Rewriting Pages URL
Sub-domains Benefits

Advanced SEO Techniques

.htaccess Files
301 Redirect
Avoid Duplicate Content
Avoid Flash
Canonical Problems
Crawl Rate Issues
Domain Names
Google Sandbox Effect
IP Addresses
LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
Other Minor Search Engines
Paid Links
Remove Frames
RSS Feed Generation
Search Engine Spam
Social Media Trends
Use HTML Pages

About Internet Marketing

Pay Per Click
Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Viral Marketing For YouTube
Google AdWords / Google AdSense

We also teach Social Media Marketing & Online Reputation Management as a Part of Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For Further Details Contact Us Now !!

Contact Name: 3Sins Technologies
Call us IND: +91 9566 070562

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The best way to get high quality backlinks

Back link is defined as links found elsewhere on the internet that direct users to your site only.Back links are inward links that going to your web site or a blog. A Back link tells search engines like google, yahoo and bing how popular your website is. All anchor texts are one of the form back links. If you are willing to make your site visible over search engines, back links can help you in doing so. Building high quality links involves gruelling efforts most of the time, may it be through search and mainly in building it.

Building high quality links involves gruelling efforts most of the time, may it be through search and mainly in building it. Since building back links is very critical to the success of any web master,Getting high quality back links are very important.Here are the few tips that helps you in getting high quality and best back links for your website.

1.High-quality content

2.Site Profiles

3.Web 2.0 Profiles    


4.Press Releases

5.Guest blog Participation

6.Listen to people — it’s more important than listening to search engines!
Responsive Web Design Company
7.Increase your domain and Page authority

8.Document Sharing Sites                    


9.Forum Discussions

10.Start linking more and latest updates on your website.

To get your link most viewed you need to work a lot through it.Page Rank improvement is all about quality contents and back links. No Quality contents, no quality back links. If you have any queries about quality link building, please contact me.

Monday, 3 February 2014

SEO Link Building Shortcuts


1.web design company inurl:blogspot
2.web design company blogspot post comments "web design company "
4.inurl:blogspot “web design” ”post a comment” inurl:blogspot +post a comment "web design company"
6.“post comment” web design company blogspot
7.“comment” web design company blogspot
8.“inurl:blogspot” web design company
9.“web design company” “Powered By Blogspot”

WORDPRESS SEARCH METHODS:- “powered by wordpress” “leave a comment” “powered by wordpress” BlogEngine “Powered by BlogEngine.NET “”Powered by BlogEngine.NET “Powered by BlogEngine.NET
15.powered by wordpress your keyword
16.powered by wordpress intitle:your keyword
17.powered by wordpress inurl:your keyword
18.If you have a TypeKey or TypePad account your keyword your keyword
20.powered by wordpress your keyword -comments are closed


1.“Powered by PHPbb”
2.“Powered by vBulletin”
3.“Powered by SMF”
4.inurl:viewtopic your keyword
5.Powered by Phbb your keyword
6.Powered by vBulletin your keyword
7.Powered by SMF your keyword
8.Phbb your keyword
9.powered by IPB your keyword
10.MyBB your keyword
11.powered by PunBB your keyword


1.intitle:add+url “your keyword”
2.intitle:submit+site “your keyword”
3.intitle:submit+url “your keyword”
4.intitle:add+your+site “your keyword”
5.intitle:add+site “your keyword”
6.intitle:directory “your keyword”
7.intitle:sites “your keyword”
8.intitle:list “your keyword”

GETTING LINKS FROM SQUIDOO: “new links plexo” “add to this list” “your keyword” “add to this list”


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Local SEO Marketing Company

Local SEO Marketing :

Local SEO Marketing puts you in front of potential customers actively searching for your product and services in your local market. If you are not on the first page of Google while someone is searching for your product of service, your competitor is! Please visit : SEO Bangalore

Website designing company bangalore
 Local SEO:

Local SEO, an online marketing technique to get your website visible to the search engines so that it can be indexed and achieve higher page rankings. Ultimately, proper and efficient Local SEO can achieve first page Organic Listings for multiple keywords within specifically targeted geographic areas.

Local SEO Marketing Services:

As the Internet evolves and web users become more sophisticated, people are turning more and more to the Internet to find local services and products. This is true for businesses that sell directly online, and for those that use the Internet to promote their business. A locally based website often gets buried deep in search engines, if they are even there at all. Larger national and international sites dominate the best broad search terms. Localized search marketing requires a different approach. Local SEO Marketing services Helps you.

Internet Marketing Company Bangalore:

Organic search results are the usual listings you see when you do a search in Google, Yahoo or MSN. Good rankings in organic search will drive the bulk of the traffic to your website. It is here where we can also target a wider range of keywords to maximize the local traffic your website receives.

Bangalore Web design Company

We at Local SEO Marketing Company 've been practicing organic SEO since before Google Maps and Yahoo Local even existed. We at Local SEO Marketing Company Bangalore have a deep understanding of how the search engines operate and have stayed ahead of the curve when the engines make changes to their ranking algorithm. You'll see long term benefits from our experience in developing local seo strategies.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Internet Marketing Experts

SEO & Digital Marketing Experts In Bangalore:

Myself Nazar, working as SEO Experts specialist in Bangalore, I had completed more than 15,000 hours in Digital Marketing, in reputed Digital Marketing Companies. I had attained this milestone by working 1200 Projects in Various SEO Capacities such as Senior SEO Manager, SEO Specialist, SEO Consultant, SEO Strategist, digital marketing Manager with an outstanding feedback of 4.99/5.00. As am a Leading SEO Expert from India provides Digital Marketing Services within your means to fulfill your dreams by making your Business Success.

As am been in the Industry from past 7 years I had achieved "N" number of keywords in first place of several Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. By doing all the optimizations to create Successful SEO site and to Get first rank in Search engines. As am SEO Specialist am having good experience in , Ecommerce Optimization, Java Script, online sale using Google analytics and Core-metric,. Product comparison and researching business domain; publishing reports on competitors offerings I am very good for managing them and optimizing campaigns for a positive return on the investment (ROI). Other areas of my expertise include SMM, Web Design.

As I am a SEO Specialist India has fruitful client records in the Industry and delivering the highest results and ranking for all clients by my top notch proven results, strategic mindset focusing on conversion personalized Attention and Honesty. All SEO Experts engages to give affordable and provides High Return on Investment for your business. I am professional in all the steps of Digital Marketing, such as SEO,SEM, SMM and As the Business owner, you know more about your services / products than anyone else. For this reason, I will take the time to understand your business, online market and future aspirations. It is only when i have all of this information and a detailed understanding of your company that an SEO expert can begin to add real value and support your goals.

"For Every Business success stands in Marketing"

In order to survive and noticed by Internet Users the website must stay among the other top websites of the same business category, and As am an SEO Expert Bangalore ensures that your website doesn't sink to the bottom. SEO Services are a combination of servies that you will require on a regular basis. The Requirements of one website may differ from the other, and as am a SEO Specialist will be able to judge precisely the type of services your site requires.My aim is to bring success to all kind of business by providing My digital marketing services and make them success.

If you want to know more about search engine optimization.

For Further Details Contact Us Now !!

Contact Name: 3Sins Technologies
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Best SEO Company

Welcome to 3Sins Technologies

At 3Sins Technologies Our SEO Experts are well experienced with different types of selection dialects and our company offers best SEO service at affordable prices at Bangalore.That's why we work hard to provide the best, most cutting-edge solutions possible. Your success is our success, which is why we have a team of experts that can handle every area of your marketing plan - from designing a web site, to building jaw-dropping copy, to teasing out the best ideas possible for your business. We don't just follow trends online - we set them!  
Please Visit us our Site:

Our SEO services are:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social media marketing
Leading Generation
Internet marketing
Email marketing
Digital Marketing
Inbound  & Outbound marketing

3Sins provide you a large range of business web services in our domain to meet direct and future needs of organizations institutions across the global.Bangalore SEO Company support you in development, programming and uploading your web site on the Internet. Various nuances of corporate branding are made to work by them. 3Sins Technologies have many outsource partners in USA and Europe, Middle East. We have formed a dedicated team for our Outsource Partners in USA and Europe and we also serve clients all over the world. I assure you, we will surely complete the project within the given deadline. You can review our recent works here in to know more about our quality and high level standard services for the clients from all over the world. With a guaranteed support of utmost quality service, we have done 800 website projects and the number still increasing on rapid speed from our development cycle.

3Sins Technologies are excelled with our aptitude and skills to provide customers a creative websites as per their requirement and proving to serve better to be successful across the world.

Please contact us with the following details below.

Contact Name: 3Sins Technologies
Call us IND: +91 9566 070562