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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How To Find The Right SEO Company

90% of internet users go through the search engines to find what they are looking for on the web. This figure more than explains the importance of Search Engine Optimization. If you are a website owner, then you know the magic that search engine traffic can do to your bottom line. To make your website search engine friendly, you may need a professional effort. But how do you choose the SEO company? This is the focus of this article.

Choosing an SEO company, just like choosing any other service provider, is not a tough task if you are looking in the right places and asking the right questions.

Here is a the most comprehensive checklist to help you get the task done:
  • How Is Their Own Website – If there is any passion, it will show. See if they have done a good job on their own website. Does the website tell you everything about them? You need to look very closely as this will tell you the potential of the company you are hiring.

  • Go Through Their Previous Success Stories – Have they been in the business for long? Who all have they worked for? Make sure the company is not an overnight company and comes with enough relevant experience to handle your site too. Going through their portfolio and the projects that they have worked on, will give you clear picture, as to whether the company can deliver on its promise.

  • Do They Provide Case Studies Of Their Successful Ventures – Is it just words, or do they provide detailed study of the successful projects they have taken up. A case study will tell you exactly how they worked on a site, and helped their client reach the target he was aiming for. You can even do a search yourself to know how their earlier clients feature on the search engines.

  •  Make A Note Of Their Affiliations And Memberships – Are they certified professionals? Are they associated with the respected authorities in the business? Have they been recognised by the top most authorities in the arena? The honest and honourable companies in the market will be backed by various accreditations, because you are as good as the company you keep.

  • Form a Basis of Contact with Them – Interacting with the real people will let you judge their levels of knowledge and professionalism, and most importantly, their expertise levels. Communicating with them will help you understand their style of working, approach to different campaigns, their way of project management and how they stay ahead of the algorithms. You can then decide, if it suits you or not.

  •  Go Through The Career Section – To get to know the kind of people they are, find out who they hire. Going through their career section, you will understand the sort of quality staff they hire and their work culture. Is it in harmony with your work culture? The answer to this question will significantly help your decision.

  • Packages Offered By Them – What sort of service packages do they offer? Are these comprehensive enough? Are they the latest in services and confirm with the latest industry standards? You need to get your value for money.

  • What Sort Of References/Testimonials Do They Have – What do people say about the company? Do they have video testimonials, complete with person and company name of the referrer? In fact, why go only by the testimonials on their site — check out online for negative comments on consumer forums or social media sites. Don’t worry, if it’s there it will show up on first few pages of search engines.

  • Level Of Involvement They Need – How much time and involvement is needed from your end? Once you have sorted the goals and the ways to achieve them, will the company function on its own, or will you need to constantly monitor them?

  • What Other Marketing Services Do They Offer – In this age of active internet marketing tools like social media, it is important that you hire someone, who can meet all your requirements.
In conclusion, do not pre-judge any company by just word of mouth or the look of their website. Dig deeper with the checklist above and you will never fail in making the smartest decision.

With the search engines changing their algorithms, it is definitely the SEO Company’s responsibility to ensure that your site is always up to date with these changes. You should also ask for periodic reports to monitor the SEO campaign. Just remember, SEO is something that needs time and patience. So, it is important to have achievable goals and reasonable expectations.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Why Organic Search is better than Paid Search Ads

Have you invested in SEO strategically?

Today the choices in digital marketing for a CEO / Marketing VP are many. You can use Google Adwords or Bing Ads for search ads. You can use paid promotion in  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.  No longer are you totally dependent on Google rankings. Thank God.

Can you neglect organic search? Should you stop investing in SEO?
There are several reasons why SEO is still the king.

Organic Search Delivers Relevant Traffic

Organic is much better for delivering relevant traffic. paid search ads deliver better conversions, but deliver only 10 percent of overall total traffic. Results show that a using both channels optimizes  delivery of high performing content. Combining organic and paid search increases website traffic, but more crucially, it will yield a bigger return on the investment.

Social Drives only 5% of the Traffic

A large-scale study found organic search drives 51 percent of all visitors to B2B and B2C websites, dominating all other non-organic search channels, including paid search (10%) and social (5%).

Click-Through Rates (CTRs) are better

Search engine users overwhelmingly click on organic results on Google and Bing : 94 percent click on organic results as compared to 6 percent for paid ads (PPC ads). On an average, users clicked on one of the top three results 68 percent of the time.


Social media and paid ads might be traffic generators, but they are not long-term customer creators. The bounce rates are high, and the number of pages visited is very low. Social media is meant to drive article visits, not overall site traffic and customer loyalty.

You keep paying for interruption marketing, i.e., paid ads or promoted content

Paid search traffic only lasts as long as you keep paying for it. Stop spending, and you will see an instant dip in traffic.
In paid ads, the users did not seek you out. You interrupted their attention while they were browsing, and they thought, ‘this looks cool. Let me check it out. I may need this!’ There is no long-term loyalty or repeat visits from most of the visitors you get this way.

With organic search, the user mindset is different. The user is looking for you, or what you sell/provide. When they find you, if you provided an excellent experience, they usually come back.

Do not neglect organic traffic. Invest in SEO for long term benefits. These results will sustain you during those times when you cannot put more money into your paid budgets.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Tips to Increase Page Views and Decrease Bounce Rate on Your Blog

If you started a brand new blog or you already have one, then you know that if you want to become a successful blogger, there are a lot of things that you should take care of (SEO and Internet Marketing, for example).

Increasing page views and decreasing bounce rate in your site is essential.

In a few words, you want your visitors staying on your website as much time as possible and increase the number of pages that they visit.

And talking about making money online, you know that getting more page views may increase clicks, impressions or sales.

Here are seven tips that you should consider in order to raise considerably the number of page views per visitor, thus increasing the impressions and, consequently, decreasing the bounce rate of your site.

1. Create a lot of Quality Content

Of course the more articles you produce, the more information your visitors can read and the more content the search engines will crawl.

But keep in mind : you do not have to copy some content or write low quality articles, with no added value, just for the sake of producing more blog pages.

Also, be sure to follow some basic rules : create something interesting to your audience, write correctly in your language, use properly text and images, integrate the content with social media and optimize in SEO terms.

If you are able to create quality content, visitors will be encouraged to prolong their visit in your site, with the benefit of growing your page views.

2.  Create Internal links

Remember to insert internal links, when you produce new content.

When you write about a topic, that can be related to an article that you already wrote (which is present in your archive), be sure to create a link that send the user to that specific old post.

Of course use the right number of internal links for each post, do not abuse and mention only if it is really relevant to that specific topic.

The procedure of internal linking, not only allows your visitors to read several of your articles on specific subjects, but is also very useful in terms of SEO.

Google loves internal linking. So be sure to use this method when you write new posts.

Of course this practice will help you increase the page views of your website.

3. Insert Related Articles

At the end of each of your posts, you should let your readers know about related articles, that they could be interested about. In this way, the bounce rate of your blog can decrease.

I use “WordPress Related Posts”  plugin, that will generate a number of related posts (that you can set), below each of your article, with relation of the tags that you used.

First, the “Related Articles” method, serves to increase the page views, as your goal.

Second, it gives you advantages in the rankings on Google, because people will spend more time on your content.

Finally, this practice also significantly improves the user experience.

4. Use an Internal Search Engine

Often, your visitors want to search within your site some old articles or find particular information, with help of specific keywords.

Then the internal search function could help them.

It is important that you make available to your visitors a good service like this.

Some WordPress Themes already include the internal search engine, some others not.

I use a personalized Genesis theme called “Magazine Pro“. As you can see in the footer, there is an internal search engine.

5. Create Fast Loading Pages

This is a practice that will ensure your visitors a better experience in your blog.

Of course you do not want your site to be too slow : this may bore your readers and they can decide to leave.

If your pages are fast to load, visitors will have little difficulty moving between them.

Conversely, if the pages load slowly, almost nobody is willing to navigate along your website.

You should install a Cache Plugin, so it can cache pages and deliver them without accessing the database, making your site much faster.

As you surely know, the loading speed is a factor that Google consider in search engine results.

Some nice WordPress plugins are “W3 Total Cache” or “Super Cache”: they are among the most popular ones.

Also, you should take a look to the Google PageSpeed Tool. It helps you analyze and optimize your pages, in order to implement the performance best practices.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

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Friday, 8 November 2013

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