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Saturday, 5 September 2015

SEO Link Building Service Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Link Building:

Increases link popularity – Link popularity is the total number of websites that link to your website. So, total number of inbound links for your website will increase. The inbound links are the links from other websites to your website.

Increases page rank – Your website page rank will increase. If you get low PR inbound links, there is a possibility that your website PR gets reduced. So, getting high PR and relevant inbound links are very important here. Also, these inbound links are the very important factor that the search engines take into account for ranking the websites. So, be careful while getting inbound links.

Easy to get links in the future – As your page rank increases, it is very easy to get links in the future. Even it is very easy to get one-way links. As mentioned above PR is the very important factor and all the webmasters will check the PR before linking to the websites. So, they will get satisfy because of our high website PR and they will come and ask us to give link to their website from our website.

Increases search engine ranking – Your website rank in the search engines will increase. So, your website gets the top position in the search engines search results page. This depends on the link popularity and page rank. This depends on many other factors including other than link building process.

Increases website traffic – Traffic to your website will increase. So, you will get more number of relevant visitors to your website.
SEO Link Building Service Advantages and Disadvantages
Increases sales – As more relevant visitors visit your website, there is a possibility that they will buy your products or services. So, your sales will increase.

Popularizes business – As many of the websites/authority websites link to your website, you can get into the users mind very easily as a branded website/company.

Cost effective Advertising – This is the very cost effective advertising for your business as you are going to advertise in the other websites for free.

Disadvantages of Link Building:

Chances of reduced sales – With reciprocal links method, you are encouraging your visitors to visit the other relevant websites/companies. This will lead to reduce your sales or services as they are navigating to other websites.

Time-Consuming – This is the time-consuming process because getting the sufficient number of inbound links to increase your website PR takes many months/years.

Webmaster is necessary –
Webmaster is necessary to manage the link building process because it needs more follow-ups and of busy schedule of website owners.

Low inbound links PR reduces website PR – If you get the low PR inbound links unknowingly, then it will decrease your website PR. So, we should be very careful while getting inbound links.

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